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Installing & debugging of Windy Plugin ‚Äč

Dev Tools

Assume, that you have run command npm start so your plugin is built, watched and served at https://localhost:9999/plugin.js.

Since your local dev server has self signed SSL certificate, you will need to accept this SSL certificate in your browser.

It is easy.

Just navigate to https://localhost:9999/plugin.js with your browser, then click on the "Advanced" button and then "Accept the risk and continue".

Right now you are ready to start testing your plugin at!

Now you can navigate to to launch in developer mode.

If everything works well you can install and launch your plugin at

As a developer do not forget to open the browser console, that offers rich debug info, to see what is happening inside.

You can also inspect and debug your source code directly in the browser.


Do not forget to accept self signed certificate of your local dev server in your browser.

Otherwise your plugin will not work at